Flatiron Hall


The program scrapes Aesop's Fables and then reads them using the TTS gem. There is also ascii animation and a fortune telling option. It was coded in Ruby,

— made by AdamWeissman | CLI


LuckyTube ensures you enjoy a serendipitous dose of Youtube fun.

— made by fbohorqu | Sinatra

Coingecko CLI API

Pushes all coin data from Coingecko API. Also lists top 100 coins and overall market info.

— made by fbohorqu | CLI

Film Budget Helper

The Film Budget Helper is a Rails App designed to help producers track expenses for Film Productions, though it can be useful for other projects such as weddings, work trips, or home renovation.

— made by kreopelle | Rails


lo·cal is a locally-driven calendar for shows and events around Winston-Salem, NC. Discover & keep track of small-venue shows, special screenings, and more.

— made by aaj3f | Sinatra


A CLI app that uses an API for cocktails & ingredients to recommend drinks to users.

— made by aaj3f | CLI

Workout Journal Project

Web App that makes it easy to create custom workout routines, and log workouts!

— made by NeedsAUsername | Rails

Dillorom's Cookbook

Dillorom's Cookbook is a recipes application. There is a user model and a recipe model. A user has many recipes and a recipe belongs to a user. A user is able to create, edit, and delete her account.

— made by Dillorom | Sinatra

Sinatra Expense Tracker

A simple Sinatra-powered web application created to save and track expenses.

— made by kreopelle | Sinatra

Asana Cli Gem

A CLI gem to learn more about strengthening yoga poses as presented by Yoga Journal's online pose library.

— made by kreopelle | CLI


Scrapes Barnes & Noble for various book awards, each award's best-sellers, and book details.

— made by jouissances | CLI

Luxe Boutique

Luxe Boutique is a Rails web application and fictitious online shop selling luxury self care items.

— made by razelle | Rails